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Welcome to the magical baby world of Rose Guba here in the virtual space as well. We would like to present a special production, which is not a traditional baby collection, but everything here is the work of the creator's hand, made of flat textile. The Guba Rózsa Doll Exhibition is typically presented to the general public with two main trends, one is to present the typical folk costumes and customs of Europe and Hungary, and the other is the fashion history, in which famous people also appear and evoke the past. At our own and with our partners, we try to show our visitors something new and exclusive every time. You can find a lot of information about our previous exhibitions if you watch the videos, picture galleries on the site or open our previous appearances and interviews in the PRESS menu. But if you want to be informed about our latest exhibitions in time, please subscribe to our exhibition newsletter or join our popular Facebook page. We wish you a pleasant stay!

COMING SOON Guba Rózsa Doll Exhibition and Art Gallery OPENS IN FELSŐLAJOS 
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Rózsa Guba creates all of her dolls herself, from carving the sculptural negative of the faces to shaping the head, body and clothes from textiles. The figures and scenes are most often based on a contemporary painting, daguerreotype or photograph, which in the case of Hungarian folk scenes often come from their own collections and local processing. In all cases, she tries to make her dolls from an authentic source at the most age. And in the materials used for clothes, it tries to recycle old textiles, even if symbolically, in an environmentally conscious way. Thus, it is not uncommon for hundreds of years old laces or a few tens of years old fabrics to appear in his creations.

Mrs. Rózsa Guba - hungarian doll artist - was born in 1951 in the Hungarian lowland of the Great Plain. In 1985 she was invited to a degree of Folk Artist of Folk Costume Dolls. She adapted and at the same time assessed the most famous folk costumes from the individual regions of Hungary. For example, the folk costumes from the regions of Sárköz and Kalocsa from the beginning of the 19th century and many folk costumes from the regions of Baranya, Transdanubia, the Great Plain, and Palócföld. She created the most of her works for the Japanese market but they can be found practically everywhere around the globe. Her works represented a part of many "international" presents in the 1980's, for example, they are included in the collections of the Chancellor Helmut Kohl or Fidel Castro.


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